Where the ancient Gospel becomes relevant to our postmodern society answering the most frequently asked life questions

What is Life seminar?
What is life seminar?

LiFe seminar is an effective cross-cultural tool of evangelism and discipleship used by dozens of churches to share the Gospel with friends in an informal setting. Materials of LiFe seminar are available in over 15 languages and it is currently run in over 25 different nations.

How can we be happy?

Everyone wants to be happy and searches for ways to be happy. Do the ways to happiness we often hear about really lead to the desired goal? What are the keys to a happy life?

Why does God allow this?

If there is a good God, then why is there so much evil in this world? Why do bad things happen to good people?

What is the meaning of life?

We all want to live a meaningful life, a life that matters and makes a difference. What are the keys to discovering the meaning of life? How can one find it out?

Discovering the gift of God

Most people enjoy receiving gifts. There is something intriguing in unwrapping a gift and discovering what is inside. Imagine that God Himself has a gift for you. It must be something fabulous!

Life in new dimensions

New relationship always bring about changes. The deeper and closer is the relationship, the more it affects our life. A conscious decision to follow Jesus changes a person fundamentally and personal relationship with God opens new dimensions. What are the essentials of developing that relationship?


Disciple is basically a learner. We acknowledge our need of learning from others. It applies both to simple things like making a good coffee and to the complex task of learning to think, feel and act as a Christian. The most efficient way we learn is by teaching and helping others.


We are determined create an atmosphere at any LiFe seminar in which we place a high priority on the needs of our guests and make every effort to remove any and every barrier that might impede the seeking process.

Run life

We would like to help you run your LiFe seminar in the best possible way. Therefore we hold trainings where you will grasp the vision, understand the core principles and learn the logistics of LiFe seminar as a project.

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