We are determined create an atmosphere at any LiFe seminar in which we place a high priority on the needs of our guests and make every effort to remove any and every barrier that might impede the seeking process.


It all starts with being open, friendly and authentic which allows guests to be real themselves. We don’t try to push our agenda, but rather build friendly relationships with our guests.

Love and acceptance

Love and acceptance are the two major things that every person seeks. That was exactly what attracted and drew people to Jesus. When we live in the environment of love and acceptance we tend to get used to it and forget that most people don’t experience them on a regular basis or at least lack them. Therefore we are convinced that seeking how we can express and show our love for our guests builds up an atmosphere in which lives of our guests are transformed.


From finding a right place to run LiFe to the decoration and selection of the background music every detail is important and adds up to the atmosphere. Whether you run a LiFe seminar in a café, church facility, office at home or any other location, be creative to make your LiFe seminar’s atmosphere welcoming making it a place every guest would like to return.