Give me five

"Give me five" as the motto for this online training means very practically:

  1. Five online training and encouragement meetings
  2. Five principles for successful evangelism
  3. Five proven evangelistic topics


The heart of the Samaritan

Moved by the Savior's Heart of the Good Samaritan: Based on the story of the Good Samaritan, we can see that love for God and people must have a practical effect. The love of neighbor becomes concrete when I see who my neighbor is and how the love for him shows in my company. In this way, the Lord's commission corresponds to the needs of searching people!

Become a companion

As a companion on the way with searching people: In our modern times, a searching person needs, in addition to the clear biblical preaching, a companion who shows him the way with Jesus. Becoming a companion is an important step for a Christian who consciously wants to carry out the mission of Jesus.

Meaning of the Engel scale

The angel scale shows the different phases of evangelism and discipleship. It helps us to better understand our task as companions. When we walk with Jesus and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, all grow in discipleship. Everyone involved moves up the angel scale and the harvest is brought in!

Short personal testimony

A short personal testimony opens doors and hearts: Particularly in evangelistic situations, personal testimony is of great importance! The short testimony answers the question, "Why did I become a Christian?" What was decisive in my life that I searched and found God. This helps every Christian in his evangelistic ministry.

Fishing Net Prayer

The fishing net prayer inspires common intercession: It is a tool that helps us to prepare evangelistic actions. Jesus himself wants to make his disciples fishers of men. He also wants to make you and me fishers of men! We are all in a network of relationships in the family, in the neighborhood, at work, etc.

LiFe online training very practical

  • The trainings are available as YouTube videos and in writing for preparation.
  • The personal exchange and the concrete planning of evangelistic projects are in the foreground.
  • Subsequent mentoring and individual advice on the planning and implementation of evangelistic projects is possible by arrangement.



  • 1.5 hours each


We look forward to your inquiry!


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