LiFe training in the local church

LiFe connects discipleship and evangelism!

In the past, LiFe was only seen as a method of evangelism with small groups. Conversions were celebrated as a “success”. However, if there were no clear successes, disappointment often remained. Over the years, however, it has been shown that LiFe primarily promotes the development of discipleship and therefore fruitful development in the local church with LiFe is only a question of patience and persistence.

LiFe meeting as a start

A meeting with the church leaders (or leading team) is the start of the LiFe seminar project. The meeting includes a brief information about LiFe, the vision of the LiFe seminars and an overview of the project. After the decision of the church leaders for LiFe, it is important to find a LiFe project leader in the church.

LiFe (online) training

For the introduction and regular implementation of LiFe seminars in the community, it is necessary that training takes place in the community. A Saturday is particularly good for this. The LiFe project management prepares the training together with the LiFe mentor. The online training enables greater flexibility.

LiFe mentoring on demand

It has been shown that LiFe seminars and evangelism generally develop much better when mentors advise and accompany the leading team in a church. In this sense, mentoring is active discipleship, which in turn promotes the discipleship process in the church.

How was the training for LiFe so far?

So far, training for LiFe has only been offered in a LiFe Multiplier Training (LMT). The training lasted 15 lessons over 4 days in a hotel, 3 Saturdays or 5 evenings. This type of training has always been fruitful but also time-consuming, personnel-intensive and costly.

How does the new LiFe training look like?

The new LiFe training consists of seven proven units and brings them directly to the church. The training for the church is planned together with the church leaders and the LiFe project leader. The church itself invites as many members as possible to training on a Saturday. The LiFe vision and the application in the chruch reach the active and potential disciples directly. The LiFe mentor accompanies the LiFe project leader in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the seminar.

Here are the three steps to get LiFe to your church:

  1. Meeting with the church leaders for planning a training (LiFe meeting)
  2. Training on a Saturday (including LiFe online trainings before and after)
  3. Accompanying the local LiFe project leading team as required (LiFe mentoring)


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