What is life seminar?

What is LiFe seminar?

LiFe seminar is a simple tool of evangelism and discipleship used by churches and Christian groups in over 25 nations of America, Europe, Asia and Africa. It consists of five weekly meetings with our friends where we present the Gospel as we answer the relevant questions of today. Since LiFe seminar is versatile and flexible tool, it has also been used in form of campaigns or series of messages at weekend church services or five daily meetings for teenagers on vacations or even used as a church planting tool.

We see LiFe seminar rather as a toolbox than a fixed program, although there are detailed scripts and materials available. It means that the message and core values remain the same while you are free to adjust it to your culture and target group.

What makes LiFe effective?


Online training or a one day onsite training is sufficient for a willing individual or a group to catch the vision and launch a LiFe seminar. We believe in growing by helping others, therefore experienced mentors are willing to help those who are just starting using LiFe seminars.


How can we be happy? Why does God allow this? What is the meaning of life? We communicate biblical truth in the language of our post-modern society.


The core of LiFe is discipleship. Christians accompany their friends helping them to experience Jesus and take the first steps in their faith.


We try to create an atmosphere of acceptance and love, where everyone would feel comfortable and want to come back again. 


By giving our best in every detail we express love and care for our guests. Therefore, we maintain Swiss quality standards.

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