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LiFe seminar has been translated into the following languages: Albanian (2015), Arabic (2013), Bulgarian (2016), Danish (2017), English (2009), French (2010), German (2001), Hindi (2020), Italian (2012), Japanese (2014), Polish (2015), Portuguese (2014), Romanian (2011), Russian (2011), Serbian (2019), Spanish (2018)


International, Switzerland

Daniel Urs Schmid

LiFe founder, LiFe leader


United States, Russia

Anton Kraft

LiFe trainer


Latin, South Amercia

Javier Espinoza

LiFe mentor


India, United Kingdom 

Gnanadas Danam

LiFe trainer



Dinis Eurico

LiFe trainer


Arabic World

Amgad Girgis

LiFe trainer


East, South Europe


LiFe trainer



LiFe church map Switzerland

The reported LiFe chruches in Switzerland are displayed here. The information is provided without guarantee and is not complete.

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Hofwiesenstrasse 143
CH-8057 Zürich