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"The most important person in every community is the local, Spirit-filled pastor."

With eyes that see to the ends of the earth, the global Church is synergizing together to find ways to fulfill the Great Commission within this generation and the one to follow. The global Church is collectively empowering a missions philosophy and plan that can strategically take the Gospel where it has never been before.

The Church of Jesus Christ is in a race against the clock.

For nearly 20 years, the Global Church Network has been working to synergize and mobilize the entire Body of Christ to help fulfill the Great Commission. Now we’ve added a finish line: 2030— the 2,000th birthday of the Church. (After all, a vision doesn’t become a goal until you put a date on it!)

Everyone can reach someone. Together we can reach the world!

We want to see every believer sharing the Gospel until everyone on earth has had the opportunity to decide for Christ, playing our part in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.