Welcome to our LiFe Thanksgiving celebration 2020!

We would like to thank God for what he has done through LiFe Evangelism this year!

Register to be a part of LiFe Thanksgiving on November, 21 2020 from 4 to 5:30 pm (Zurich, Central European Time, UTC+1)




Schedule of the meeting


Welcome (2')


The birth of the LiFe vision (3')


Early reports of LiFe in Switzerland (15')


Reports from LiFe in other countries (35')

Albania, Angola, Belarus, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Egypt, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, United States of America. 

LiFe as a toolbox (5')

With LiFe as a toolbox for evangelism we are interested on the real situation of evangelism in a local church. 

Online LiFe (10')
Corona has made it possible! We have now good experiences with LiFe seminars online. It is a new tool in the toolbox of LiFe evangelism.

Online LiFe training (15')
With the online training via Zoom, it is possible to offer separate training sessions with different dates online for individuals or different groups (companions, leaders, pastors).