Topics of LiFe seminar communicate biblical truth in the language of our post-modern society. Each of the five topics reveals the Gospel message and stresses the importance of having personal relationship with God. Videos of the five topics are available at our YouTube channel in English, German, Russian and Swiss German. In addition to that the topics are available in 8 other languages in printed form.

How can we be happy?

The Bible teaches us that God has created us to have relationship with him. The relationship we have with God is therefore fundamentally important for becoming happy in our life. Human ways promice happiness without the relationship with God. That is why they are leading to a dead end. The Bible shows us that we can find the relationship with God and therefore true and lasting happiness can come to our lives.

Why does God allow this?

God has given a free will to every human being, that is why He allows this freedom to be misused. But in His great love, God does not allow people to be eternally lost without a warning and the possibility of returning to Him.

What is the meaning of life?

We realize that the meaning of life cannot be found in self-fulfillment, but we get to know God personally. There are many evidences of God’s power and His eternal nature. Furthermore, God has ultimately spoken to us through Jesus Christ!

Discovering the gift of God

The fact that we can have a personal relationship with God is the great gift He has given. Although we have broken our bond with Him, He is willing to enter into a new covenant with us. He wants to forgive our sins through Jesus Christ. It is important that we return to God like the prodigal son and express it in a prayer.

Life in new dimensions

A conscious decision to follow Jesus changes a person fundamentally. A personal relationship with God opens new dimensions. It is impossible to describe the variety of new dimensions of a life with God in a single lesson. Life in fellowship with God and in the family of God, growing in faith are of primary importance.